Drive more online sales with these holiday email marketing strategies

November 29, 2018


The festive season is on its way. When it comes to holiday promotions, email is certainly one of the most cost-effective options. Timing your emails is important for achieving better results for your effort. Read on to get some effective email marketing ideas which you can follow while planning your holiday email campaigns that will definitely increase your ROI.


Treesa was full of excitement about visiting her parents during the upcoming Christmas holidays. Christmas in her hometown was her sweetest childhood memory. She had been living in the US for many years and being home just in time for Christmas had remained a dream until now.

Excitement was in the air.

As a great shopper and tech enthusiast, she enjoyed updating herself with trending products online. She wanted to surprise her mom this Christmas with a fabulous gift.

From the day she decided to travel home, she had been tracking the air ticket prices. The sheer anticipation of travelling home for Christmas was blissful. However, she decided to book the tickets as per the statistically suggested 7 weeks-before travel. Much to her delight, one day while she was casually browsing, a holiday promo mail from a popular airline, showing special offers caught her attention.


She was overjoyed to book a reasonably priced flight ticket weeks in advance with one of the best airlines.
Treesa, while continuing with her browsing, noticed an email suddenly pop into her inbox. It was from her favorite online jeweller from whom she had previously tried purchasing.



But she couldn’t buy it then since the item had gone out-of-stock at that time. The mail was an alert indicating their updated stock prices. Wow! That was really an attractive offer! A classy and charming diamond pendant set at a much discounted rate! What more could one ask for? The best ever Christmas gift for her mom. She placed the order without a second thought.

As she was about to close the window, she got a mail notification showing offers on rides that would take her to the airport from her residence. Though she thought of booking the ride, she abandoned it since she was too exhausted and it was already late into the night.

Days passed by. Treesa got busy with her office work. Meanwhile, she got the adorable diamond pendant set delivered.

On the day of her journey, when she was quickly checking her emails, Treesa noticed a mail from the same e-hail cab service which had earlier offered her a ride to the airport. She clicked the link and got redirected to the app store from where she could download the app and book her ride. Everything happened in just a few clicks! Imagine the influence of digital marketing in our everyday lives. How it transforms our lives!

According to Marketing Statistics 2017, the number of global email users is expected to reach 4.3 billion by 2022, which is half the world’s total population! Email proves to be one of the highest ROI marketing channels. The survey also indicates that sending three abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than a single email.

If you are an advocate for email marketing, read on. You could not only make the most out of your everyday email campaigns but also give a big boost to your holiday email campaigns.

Here are some useful tips that can help you to make your holiday email campaigns more effective:


1. Expand your Mailing list:

The very first step in planning to launch your holiday email campaigns would be to build your list of email recipients. You can do this through various means by strategically placing opt-ins in your website, offering free trials, running contests etc.

Using cmercury’s exceptional list-building potential, you can do all these and more with so much ease.


2. Schedule your holiday email campaign well ahead:

Start your holiday campaigns much earlier because your customers and prospects can be busy over the holidays. Start with a less amount of emails during the pre-holiday season and gradually increase as the peak season nears.
cmercury’s email marketing calendar makes it easy for you to plan and schedule your mail campaigns well in advance.


3. Set up holiday themed campaigns:
Change the look and feel of your mail campaigns by sending mails to suit the mood of the holiday season. This can lure more customers and may lead to higher conversion rates. Also, launching holiday special gift vouchers would be an excellent idea to attract even the last-minute shoppers.
Using cmercury’s responsive templates, you can create numerous varieties of colourful campaigns from our extensive gallery.


4. Make segmentation a priority:

Good marketers adopt segmentation techniques to clearly understand their user behaviour. This enables you to know your customers better, identify how many are really interested in your product, how many are trying to move out etc. Segmentation helps you attain higher open rates, lower unsubscribe rates and better deliverability and thus it contributes greatly in boosting your revenue.
Using cmercury’s advanced micro-segmentation features, you can analyze the effectiveness of their campaign based on customer’s location, gender, browsing history, user preferences etc. and plan your future marketing strategies accordingly.


5. Employ personalization:
Each customer is different. Their interests and needs are different. So personalization is one important concept which you should never forget to apply in your email campaigns, else your mails may sound really dull if addressed to a general audience.

cmercury’s growth marketing suite employs advanced machine learning to deliver high quality tailor-made email customization which assures enhanced user experience. This not only increases your conversion rate but also helps you deepen your customer acquaintance with your brand.


6. Test your campaign:
It’s always a good idea to do a preliminary testing before you launch your actual campaign.

Using cmercury’s growth marketing suite, you can set up A/B testing and correctly identify the winning version to do further promotions.


7. Ensure competent deliverability:
Sometimes, in spite of doing all the research and preparation, your emails may land straight into spam folders. In order to avoid this, make sure your domain names are DMARC compliant, else it will affect your sender reputation.

With cmercury’s high quality bounce management techniques and precise authentication, best deliverability is always guaranteed.


8. Re-marketing tactics:

Smart marketers always look for ways to engage their customers. Focus on specialized ads to make your prospects return to your website. In Treesa’s case, abandoned cart mail was used as an opportunity to retarget and was indeed a timely approach.
cmercury’s growth marketing suite simplifies your task by automating your entire marketing process.


9. Post-holiday mails:
Holiday season begins and ends. But the e-commerce season does not. Express gratitude to your customers by sending them friendly thank you mails. This will help you build your brand favorability.

Above all, winning the trust of customers is the most important factor in running a successful business. Keep urgency in moderation and try to make your promotions real. Eventually, customers will believe you and follow your brand.
Explore your marketing capabilities using cmercury’s robust lead generation suite and revolutionize your business!

That Christmas was sweeter than any of Treesa’s past Christmases. The glittering bells and baubles, the twinkling stars and the upbeat carols added to the beauty of the moment. The sparkling diamonds paled in comparison to the shimmer of joy in her mother’s eyes. It was a holiday to remember, and cherish forever.

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