In-app Notifications

Deliver messages to your app-users while they are in your mobile app.

Send relevant, personalized and timely in-app notifications based on user identity and real-time behaviour to drive conversions.

Increase engagement by creating mobile experiences that delight users.

Mobile is the most personal communication channel today. Users expect information tailored to their context. In-app messages enable you to communicate with them on timely and relevant points of interest when they open your app. The right app notification techniques help you send the right message to the right person at the right time.

With in-app notifications, you can reach the over 40% that haven’t opted in for push notifications. In-app notifications receive 8x the direct response rates of push notifications.  Won’t you take care of it?

Reach your whole app-audience

As in-app notifications are part of your app experience, they don’t require an opt-in and can reach most of your audience depending upon implementation.

Built into the app experience

In-app notifications are best when they are integrated into the look and feel of your app. If you are sending promotional messages, it’s important to use targeting to make sure your message is relevant. Ideally, promotional messages shouldn’t feel like marketing, they should feel like service.

Easy to author

Whether they are straightforward text-focused banner messages or rich HTML5 full-page displays, they provide your teams an easy way to communicate without a code update.

Highly personalized

In-app notifications can be highly targeted. cmercury is inbuilt with the right capabilities to ensure your messages are delivered to the right person at the right time. You can also customize the link destination with deep-linking technology that allows you to assign a destination anywhere in your app or mobile website.

01 Onboarding opportunity

Welcoming a new user is an essential component of a successful app strategy. Onboarding is calling out the things they need to do to get started with the app. Around 80% of your users are likely to defect after 30 days if you don’t communicate with them. By adding a welcome message or a series of notifications, you can bring it down by up to 50%.

02 Introduce app-features

Use in-app notifications when new features are introduced or important features are under-utilised. It helps invite attention to the features and explain how they could be used better.

03 Make the most of promotional messaging

Deploy segmentation tactics to ensure the message is going to be valued. For e.g.: location-targeting and previous in-app behaviour could be used to identify users near an event/ occasion that showed recent purchase intent. It could lead to an encouraging conversion rate.

04 Enhanced customer service

Yet another relevant feature of in-app notifications is providing users with service updates on their account or recent purchases.

05 Content Marketing opportunity

By default, in-app notifications are temporary. However, by design, you could extend their life. With a built-in message centre, you may give in-app notifications a destination in your app- for storage and organization. In addition to making it easy for users to locate relevant content, it also allows you to channelise your most valuable content to your most loyal user base. It’s an opportunity for you to repurpose all the content you are already generating in other digital channels like your website, e-mail campaigns or social feeds.

06 Easy measurement and reporting

Keep track of click rates, sent and delivery counts of your in-app notifications easily. Generate reports based on user activities in your app for various notification types under a variety of mobile platforms.

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