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Advanced Engagement on Social Media

Social is the go-to marketplace for marketers like you. It’s where your customers come, confluence and commingle. It’s where they express views, and take views seriously. It’s where they form their opinions about brands, and even, take purchase decisions. It’s where they love to come, every day, every hour, even every few minutes.

Needless to say, you need to make use of social media. How do you do it?

One of the ways is to build a custom audience, say for FB.

01 Custom Audience Builder

You have an email list. If you have unsubscribed people on the list, don’t worry. Make a list of all unsubscribed users. In another instance, if you have a list of users who have seen your new product launch (on your website), or added products to cart and not taken any action, add them to the list too. There are several use cases like the above which will enable you to create your custom list.

cMercury allows marketers to automatically add/remove contacts to and from Facebook Audiences. This offers new marketing automation possibilities: You can connect cMercury with Facebook accounts to avoid having to manually export and import contact data.

02 Facebook Retargeting

How often have you noticed users visiting your site but not taking any action? What do you do when users prod and poke your new range of products but leave the cart unattended? With cMercury marketing automation suite, you can now automatically integrate your custom audience list with FB and run ads targeted at specific people.

So, this is clearly engagement beyond just social media marketing. This is digital engagement of the new order wherein you channelize attention to disengaged users from other channels like email, SMS, and website (cart abandonment users), effectively and with relevance on FB.

You can use FB retargeting to draw customers back to your page or product. If your customer spends more time on social media channels, why wouldn’t you be there too?